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The Hungarian Grand Prix 2018

Save the date: The Hungarian Grand Prix is due for July 29th 2018


The Hungarian Grand Prix 2018

For all the motorsport fans out there, make sure to save the date, since the Hungarian Grand Prix is due for July 29th 2018. Since during the race weekend the city can get a bit crowded, make sure to book your stay on time at one of the best downtown Budapest hotels, and reserve your airport transfers accordingly.

Historic overview

The first Grand Prix in Hungary took place in the 1930s, however after the World War II and the building of the Iron Curtain, it was not until the 1960s that motorsport began to find its place in the country.

At the start of the 1980s there was an overall desire for the Grand Prix to be held behind the Iron Curtain, hence the negotiations started with the Soviet Union with a proposal for a race being hosted in Moscow. However, in the summer of 1983, the attention of the Formula One decision makers migrated from Moscow towards Budapest in Hungary, whose national sporting authority was keen to put the country back on the map of global motorsport. At first, the suggestion was for a street race through Budapest, but in the end the decision was made to build a completely new circuit in a valley 20 kilometers outside of Budapest.

The valley was naturally pretty convenient for the spectators, so in 1985 work began on the Hungaroring. The track opened in 1986, when it held the first Formula One event in August the same year, gathering almost 200,000 fans. The circuit was pretty tight and twisty, known to host great races. The most memorable one is the Thierry Boutsen's win in 1990, when he beat Ayrton Senna by 0.3 seconds, and of course the 1997 race where Damon Hill in the Arrows sensationally passed Michael Schumacher's Ferrari only to be denied the win by mechanical failure on the very last lap.

Getting to the Hungaroring circuit

Getting from Budapest to the Hungaroring will take you anywhere from 30-90 minutes for a 20km trip, depending on where you are staying and your chosen mode of transport. If a helicopter transfer is way too expensive for you, the next most effective way to get to the track is via yellow cab, which will take you 30 minutes, however costs €40-80 each way, depending on the traffic, as taxis use the taximeter which counts not only the distance but also the time of the journey. And if you don’t mind a trip which takes more like 90 minutes, followed by at least 30 minutes of walking, then you can take the free bus or the cheap metro/train option. The most convenient and safest option is to pre-book your transfers for fix price.

Metro or train to the Hungaroring circuit

Taking the metro/train option to the Hungaroring circuit takes between 60-90 minutes, depending on where you’re staying in the city. This trip is followed by a 30 minutes cross country walk to the track. In order to get there, take the metro to the last station on the eastern end of the red metro line (M2), at Örs vezér tere. If you catch the metro on one of the other metro lines (M1 or M3), you will need to transfer on an eastern-bound M2 train at the main central interchange station, the Deák Ferenc tér. It’s only 6 stops from Deák Ferenc tér to Örs vezér tere, taking around 15 minutes. Once you have reached the end of the M2 line at Örs vezér tere, exit the station and cross to the opposite corner of the intersection (through the underpass), where you will find a small suburban train stop. The ticket office is nearby along with a large shopping center, being a good place to buy water and snacks.

Trains only go in one direction from here, as it’s the end of the line – Gödöllő being the direction. The trains run regularly during the Grand Prix weekend, while the tickets cost 250 HUF each way (or less than €1). You can buy your ticket before getting on the train or from the conductor after you set off. The trains are really old, however the trip to the special Hungaroring stop (during race weekend) takes just around 25 minutes. If you wish, you can get off one stop earlier at Szilasliget or one stop later at Mogyoród, since the walk to the circuit is at a similar distance. After you get off the train, it takes a 30-40 minute cross-country walk to the track. You won’t get lost if you just follow the crowd. Alternatively, taxis are available if you don’t like to walk, but make sure to use a reliable company for a fair fee. In case you are using the train to get home on Sunday after the race, be patient since the trains can be very crowded at peak times.

Free busses to the Hungaroring circuit

The organizers provide free buses to the Hungaroring circuit from central Budapest during the Grand Prix weekend. If you have a valid ticket for the race, you can take the bus for free. The buses leave from the Volánbusz bus station on the Pest side of the Árpád Bridge. The closest metro is Árpád híd on the M3 (blue) line, five stops north of Deák Ferenc tér. The bus ride takes nearly 45 minutes, but doesn’t get you to the circuit directly. You will need to get off nearby Mogyoród (Templom tér), a 40-minute walk from the circuit. The service is pretty organized and hassle free for most of the weekend. Good tip is not to be in a hurry to leave the circuit after the race, but stay there a while to let the crowds clear. A reliable timetable for the buses is usually available on the Hungaroring website, closer to the race weekend.

Such a weekend in Budapest can be pretty mind-blowing so it’s a good idea to experience at least one of the sort in your lifetime. You can easily pair this experience with a sightseeing tour around the top tourist places in Budapest and absorb the city completely. So grab your shuttle to Budapest and start your adventure.

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The Hungarian Grand Prix 2018