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The Best Student Bars in Budapest

Where to Go Out in Hungary's Capital



When it comes to choosing the location of their apartments, university students prefer accommodation that will allow them to move to both school and their favorite bars without using bus or taxi. All students that we asked about their favorite area to stay in Budapest have agreed that flats located near the Budapest’s bar-heavy areas are always a priority.

Spending your student years in the capital is full of choices. This big and vibrant city offering some of the best bars and clubs in Hungary will make your studies in Budapest an unforgettable experience. From small, 1-room bars crammed in-between the shops, authentic ruin bars, and underground clubs, to open-air bars and cafés with cute terraces where you can sit outside, and fancy multi-floor discos — we’ve picked up the best student spots of Budapest for you.

The Best Student Bars in Budapest

International Student Nights

One thing you must not miss whether you are living or studying in Budapest are the amazing student nights! Some of the biggest Hungarian universities, including BME, CEU, Corvinus, Eötvös Loránd (ELTE), McDaniel Collage, and Semmelweis organize different kinds of parties and social events for their international students. This a great place where you can socialize with cool people from different countries, find out more about various nationalities and enjoy a beer or two even with someone from your own home country.

Ruin Bars

The atmosphere that you’ll find in the Ruin Bars of Budapest is laid back, friendly, and relaxed. They are called ruin bars because each of them is unique, but they all have something in common, and that’s the principle of recreating an old abandoned place with inner courtyard, furnished with flea market chairs and tables, antiques, funky painted walls and artsy ceilings.

You can find these bars in Budapest VII Erzsébetváros (the old Jewish quarter), a neighborhood that was left to decay after World War II, so it was a perfect place to develop an underground bar scene.

“Szimpla Kert” and “Instant” are definitely the two “Meccas” of all ruin bars. Lots of different levels, variety of rooms and styles, relatively cheap drinks, and option to rent a water-pipe or try pálinka is what you’ll find in these bars.

Friendly and Hipster-like

The new colorful interior, the huge assortment of different music and programs, the choice of many different beverages and the flush of youth gives Csendes a very special vibe.

Not only perfect for student gatherings in Budapest, but also famous for daytime cafe availability, turning into a teeming bar for all ages and stlyes during the night, this is the place to be for both young and older, girls and boys, for those who want to meet new people, for small or bigger gatherings with friends, family, or colleagues, you name it . . .

This is the place where you would most likely meet some cool hipsters, as well as ELTE students who are frequent visitors in Csendes, coming to relax with a glass of wine or cup of tea after their tiring lectures.

Incredible Cocktails Connecting People

One thing you should never be worried about when in the ruin bars of Budapest is finding folks to connect to. If you are traveling alone, visit Corvinus Café and we promise you will have friends for the rest of your stay.

Housed by a cellar right next to Corvinus University‘s building, this pub is an interesting place where lots of students are hanging out between classes.

A fun fact is that Corvinus used to be Karl Marx Univeristy of Economics, and an impressive life-sized statue of him remains there.
Corvinus Café is opened till late night, so it’s an ideal spot for both a relaxing drink after classes and for warming-up booze before a party.

The Best Student Bars in Budapest

Art Cafés

Visit Gödör to experience a mix of art gallery, bar, and live music venue. The place recently called Akvarium, but you may ask anyone in Budapest and they will still know the name Gödör.

Is there anything else you can ask from an exhibition space? Gödör is surrounded with a beautiful park with huge stairs where the young gather to chill out and enjoy the atmosphere without actually entering the bar. Gödör is especially beautiful during the summer when you can enjoy in the atmosphere of the bar’s transparent rooftop which is actually placed under a pool in the park!

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