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Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More

Your Ultimate Guide on Spending Quality Time at Budapest Airport


Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More

Were you bored the last time you were at Budapest airport?

Did you recently have a long layover at an airport and had no idea how to spend your time and maybe, have some fun?

Are you about to have a long layover at the airport in Budapest?

Have you ever wished there is a guide that can take you on a tour of Budapest Airport?

If you have a positive answer to at least one of these questions, you're not alone. There are a lot of people that don't know what to do when staying at Budapest Airport and that is why we decided to create a practical guide on that matter.

Your Budapest Airport experience can be narrowed down to 3 main activities. Read on to find out every possible thing you can do at this airport.



This is a jewelry shop. You can shop for jewelry for either yourself or buy some gifts. For women, they have nice jewelry collections from Mucha, Hundertwasser, Monet, and Klimt.

Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More

Gold Elements

Here, you can find a fascinating range of gold infused cosmetic products. Sounds exciting (and expensive) right? Visit the place to find out more.

Hard Rock Budapest

You can find this shop at the 2A terminal departures - gates area.
Most items found in this shop are those of famous musicians such as Aerosmith, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera and U2.
You can find their costumes, instruments and autographed albums in this shop. It's fun to see these pieces, even if you are not interested in buying any of it.

Heinemann Accessories

If you are in the mood for updating your accessories collection with stylish pieces by global premium and luxury brands, then you should definitely visit this store.

Heinemann Duty-free

This duty-free store is part of the Heinemann group. In addition to fashion accessories, you can enjoy a wide range of food delicacies, buy quality cosmetics and unique toys.


Looking for a high-quality porcelain brand? If yes, then Herend is a great choice.
To give you an idea of the quality of the porcelain brand, we should also mention that a New York-based luxury institute ranked them first among other premium sellers of porcelain brands.

Hugo Boss

Find a large selection of high-end Hugo Boss garments in this store at the Budapest airport and spend a couple of hours on a fun shopping spree.

Living Toys

Living toys is located at terminal 2A, and it's a must visit place if you are traveling with your kids, and you want them to have some fun. If you decide to take your kids here, be prepared to spend some serious cash!

Memories of Hungary

In this shop, you can buy different gifts and souvenirs to make your memory of Hungary last forever. If you are a passionate traveler that loves getting souvenirs, it's a good idea to buy some from the airport, even if you have never really visited Budapest.


Want luxurious fashion and sports brands at the best prices? Then, Playersroom is your best option. Their store is located at terminal 2A and in Skycourt.


Relay is a renowned bookstore. Here you will find a wide variety of newspapers and magazines in many languages. While you are there, don't miss the opportunity to check out their vast selection of books, as well.

Sunglass Center

The Sunglass Center offers the newest collections of most popular sunglasses brands starting from Polaroid and Ray-Ban all the way to Disney and Hello Kitty.


You are probably already familiar with this globally-known brand, so if you are in need of a beautiful sparkling necklace or a luxurious gift, this is where you should spend most of your time at the Budapest Airport.


If you are an electronics enthusiast, then tech2go is your airport stop. They have electronic devices and accessories for every taste.

Tommy Hilfiger

This well-known fashion brand always has the latest collection for men, including shirts, jeans, and other products you can choose from.


If you are in need of travel accessories, you can always visit the Virgin store. They also have a great number of consumer electronics.


The Vodafone store is located at terminal 2A arrivals. Whether you want to buy earphones or just browse contracts, Vodafone is open and at your service for 14 hours a day.  


Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More

Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More


If you want to taste hand-made bonbons, buy gift boxes or enjoy their famous marzipan delicacies, head to Szamos as soon as you arrive at the airport - you can thank us later!

Relax Time with Food and Drinks

Here are the top restaurants at the Budapest Airport where you can eat, drink and relax:

Mastercard Lounge

Do you need a quiet space to relax? Would you like to go to best place to have snacks and drinks (alcoholic or soft)? Are you in the mood to skip the shopping and go straight to a place where you can get cozy?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then, we highly recommend paying a visit to the MasterCard lounge.

It is located at Skycourt, airside second floor.

They offer you a quick and easy way to surf the internet with their free wifi services and also read the various newspapers and magazines available for your use.

What's more? Apart from the fact that they also have the kindest personnel, you can also enter in the lounge freely without fear or harassment once you can show them your MasterCard.

They are open for 14 hours per day (5.30 – 19.30).

Not yet a Mastercard premium holder? Go here to sign up:

Note: You will be charged 3,000 forints before you can be allowed to enter the lounge if your premium MasterCard is not issued in Hungary.



Bar wings

If you want the best range of draft and canned beers, we suggest that you check out Bar Wings. A nice atmosphere and good beverage can be just the thing you need.

Burger King

Burger King - always a good idea! A brand that does not need an introduction offers a place where you can have tasty food and enjoy after a long flight.

Camden Food Co.

If you want to try the best local delicacies in Hungary or opt for healthy organic food - Camden Food Co. is the right place to do so.

They have everything from fresh salads, soups, pastries, deli sandwiches, wraps to regular snacks.

You can enjoy your meal at the restaurant or have a takeaway meal, it’s up to you.

It is located at T2A arrivals.

Dr. Juice

Are you a fan of fruit smoothies and shakes, delicious cakes and ice creams or a combination of both? Dr. Juice is a great place at the airport to freshen up and prepare for the next flight.

It is located at Skycourt 0-24.


Flocafe’s coffee can easily be your favorite spot at this airport if you happen to like delicious cakes, awesome sandwiches, and healthy salads. It is located at terminal 2A of the departures hall.

You will love this place if you always fancy a glass of wine before you get on your next flight.


Did you know that KFC prepares all its fried chicken with the same recipe as perfected by Colonel Harland Sanders years ago?
With more than 12 million satisfied customers on a daily basis, you can’t possibly go wrong.

KFC is located at SkyCourt.


Get an amazing gastronomic experience at Kouzina while at the Budapest Airport.

This restaurant offers homemade Greek delicacies that you won’t be able to resist, but try. Strongly recommended for lovers of the Mediterranean tastes.

Pizza lovers shouldn’t hesitate a second, but head to Negroni as soon as they step foot at the Budapest Airport. A huge selection of Italian pizza awaits for you at T2B Departures. Enjoy!


Want a fresh sandwich, salads, desserts or varieties of hot and cold beverages at affordable prices? If you do, Ne’o restaurant is where you should go.  

Seasons, Panopolis, Upper crust and restaurants all offer the similar types of food and drinks like Ne'o restaurant.

Go check them out and see which one best suits your needs.

The Terrace

Although this place offers almost the same menu as Ne’o, we decided to include it because it is convenient for smokers since the terrace is partly open-air.

It is located on the roof of terminal 2A and it also serves as a cozy place from which you can gaze at crowds moving across the airport.

O’Learys Sport Bar

Want a place where you can enjoy different sports events while you relax before your departure? Then, you will not find a better option than O'learys sports bar. It has more than 25 screens for your viewing pleasure.

Yum Cha

We highly recommend Yum cha if you want unique Asian dishes which can be prepared for you right on the spot. Their offer includes many different types of Asian dishes.

You can choose from either of pork, duck, seafood, beef, or chicken dishes.

They also have salads, vegetables, pasta dishes, and sushi.

Budapest Airport Shops & Foods & More

Collect Your Tax Refund

Apart from taking a tour of shopping (or window shopping) around the airport, you can spend part your free time by collecting your tax refund right at the airport.
Global blue and premier tax-free are the two highly recommended options for this service.

The process of collecting a tax refund takes the following steps:

  • Go to terminal 2B departures
  • Take the bags that contain the tax-free goods with you to the customs for approval
  • Fill a tax-free form for all of the tax-free goods
  • Meet with the customs officer and present your forms and goods to him
  • Ensure that the customs officer stamps the forms (you can dial 5757 if there is no customs officer present at that location -
  • Terminal 2B Departures)
  • Ensure that the customs desk behind the passport control also approves this forms if you will be taking any of the goods with you onboard the flight
  • Present your stamped forms and collect your refund from the interchange
  • If you still have any questions related to tax refunds, either call 06-40-346-262 or visit

Other Fun Activities

Do you know that you can avoid queues at the security checkpoint for only 5 euros?

If you are still bored after making use of our suggested recommendations, then, you can go online for a while. There is free Wi-fi available for up to 2 hours (which is just about enough to watch all the newest funny cats videos).

Electrical sockets are also available throughout the airport in case you need to charge your devices. If you encounter any hiccups when trying to connect, just try again. You may try a few times before you are able to connect.

Celebi platinum lounges offer well-equipped business facilities if it becomes necessary for you to have a very important meeting at the airport. The cost for this service is 40 euros per person.

The SkyCourt lounge also offers similar services.

If you are tired after your journey and you need a massage, we recommend Thai massage at Lian day spa. It is located on the SkyCourt's intermediate floor.

They have a 10-minute speedy massage if you need one before your departure time.

The chapel and the room of silence offers you a place to say a prayer, meditate or spend some peaceful moments.

The chapel is located at terminal 2B just above the baggage drop-off.

You can make use of this chapel regardless of your religious inclination.

Though we strongly advise that you make your foreign exchange deals in town because they offer a better rate.

But if it becomes absolutely necessary, there are several ATMs and foreign exchange counters available at SkyCourt.



If you have a long layover at the Budapest Airport, you may want to stretch your legs and get some sleep. There are a lot of cushioned benches at the AirCourt hall that are comfortable enough for a quick nap. Also, terminals 2A and 2B have a lot of seating space but none of it works as a decent sleeping spot.

There are 5 lounges that do not have any sleeping facilities, which means getting a decent amount of sleep without leaving the airport is not an option.

For those who want to get quality sleep and don’t mind paying for it, there are 4 hotels that are about 5 minutes away from the airport.

Hope you’ll enjoy your layover at the Budapest Airport!